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With gold selling at an all-time high, now is the time sell your unused gold, mismatched or broken jewelry to Toner Jewelers in Overland Park, Kansas. Let our experts give you the best deal in town for your used gold jewelry pieces.

Turn your gold, silver or heirloom jewelry into cash today!

With gold selling at an all-time high, now is the time sell your unused gold, mismatched or broken jewelry to Toner Jewelers in Overland Park, Kansas.  Earn 20% more when you sell, simply by making a purchase at Toner Jewelers.  Let our experts give you the best deal in town for your used gold jewelry pieces.

How much is my Gold Jewelry Really Worth?

Gold and silver prices continue to rise. Even though the prices have continued to rise, they do so in an up and down pattern, not in a straight line. Obviously we cannot predict the price of gold next week or even tomorrow. If you are holding on to old jewelry, coins, sterling flatware (or even gold fillings) you should watch the market and decide when the time is right for you to sell.

Remember, at Toner Jewelers, we have been buying since 1980. Whether you are saving for a vacation or are in a financial bind, we buy items ranging from gold and silver to jewelry, diamonds to sterling flatware, and even hollowware and coins. Our trained staff will evaluate your items and give you a fair offer, typically on the spot, based on the current market prices.

Selling Silver Coins

As the price of silver continues to climb, you may consider selling the silver coins you have accumulated. The dates on the coins determine the silver content, and the following dates are of higher value:

• Dimes, Quarters & Halves – 1964 & before
• Silver Dollars – 1935 & before
• Clad Halves 1965 – 1970

Toner Jewelers buys coins and gold daily. We will gladly give you a free quote based on the current price for the day. No appointment necessary.

Jewelry Loans

You may have jewelry that you aren’t ready to part with, but are in need of financial assistance. Toner Jewelers can assist with a structured loan agreement. Be assured that your precious pieces will be held in a secure space and with care. Contact us to inquire for further details.

Full Service

At Toner Jewelers we provide the highest form of service in every aspect. We offer many types of jewelry and timepiece related services including:  

  • On site appraisals   
  • On site watch battery replacement
  • On site jewelry inspection and cleaning
  • Fine Swiss watch repair
  • On site jewelry repair


The Toner Guarantee

Your purchase at Toner Jewelers is warrantied for one full year from the date of purchase against all manufacturers’ defects upon presentation of your original receipt. The warranty does not include the normal wear associated with use due to the soft nature of gold or the resulting loss of stones from this wear. In order to avoid the loss of stones, we urge you to have all prongs inspected every six months. We also suggest contacting your insurance agent to obtain coverage for protection against loss, damage or theft. In addition, this warranty does not cover kinks, bends, twisting or separation of chains, participation in athletic events or direct stress applied to a chain. Chains should be removed at night before bed and either hung or laid flat. All jewelry should be removed when actions are inappropriate for normal use. Our guarantee for specific pieces is as follows:

Jewelry- Lifetime warranty with 6 month checkups

Repairs- 1 year warranty

Estate- 6 month warranty

Rolex- 1-5 year warranty



Rolex Watch Service

Our watchmaker will begin by methodically disassembling your entire watch piece by piece. All parts are then ultrasonically cleaned, degreased and individually inspected for any signs of excessive wear. The case back seal, crystal seal and crown gaskets are replaced with new seals and gaskets. The watchmaker will then carefully refinish the watch case, the bracelet and the bezel to remove scuff marks and scratches so that your watch will look almost as good as it looked brand new.

All moving parts are lubricated with only the highest grade lubricants and oils during the reassembly process. Once your watch has been completely reassembled, it is thoroughly tested to our exact standards over a period of 72 hours to assure accuracy, water resistance, and proper operation of all functionality. Any required adjustments will be made accordingly. All watch repair service is backed by our full two year warranty.


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